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Oh So Scrumptious Christmas Muffins: 25 Scrumpt...
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Christmas dessert and muffin recipes so easy, effortless, and quick to fix... because they start with a simple to use Christmas dessert and muffin baking fix. Simple and Tasty is priority number one: No painful dishes or old school and long hours to make grandma recipes that are a pain to make and that are way too complicated to ever turn out perfect. In this Oh So Scrumptious Muffin Recipe book, you'll find the fix. If you are a busy entrepreneur, employee, work at home mom or parent, you'll ask yourself where this book has been all your adult life. You'll discover all of Ginger's Christmas muffin recipe secrets for creating spectacular desserts and sweet treats with minimal effort and maximum gain. Following the advice in the book you are going to spend the least time in the kitchen plus you'll receive the reward, too! Your guests are going to think that you got some new ninja baking powers overnight and naturally will keep asking you from where you got these! The main thing is, have fun with it. Think outside the box and always buy the best quality ingredients you can afford. If you love scrumptious and oozing, no-fail Christmas muffin and dessert recipes, this is for you. Not only that, but you will also get 25 days worth of muffins that you can schedule day by day or you can just pick a few of your favorites and stock up on those. Look at it like an Advent Calendar or a Christmas Countdown Calender for the grown ups! Each day provides you with another delicous muffin surprise! So go ahead and get into the Easy Oh So Scrumptious Baking Mode... and get started with the first scrumptious muffin recipe immediately as soon as you get access to the book! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Patricia Reid. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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